AFR Recessed Displacement Diffuser


Now available for order is the AFR, a flat-faced, recessed displacement diffuser. It delivers cool air at low velocities at floor level, providing the benefits of thermal comfort, indoor air quality, whisper-quiet operation, and energy efficiency. Its sleek construction allows it to integrate seamlessly into walls, stair risers, or a number of custom built structures (cabinets, desks…etc.). Whether for use in new construction or retrofit applications, Krueger’s AFR is sure to provide a great amount of layout flexibility.

AFR Product Features:

  • Intended for wall or stair riser applications
  • Supplies large volumes of air at low velocity
  • Steel construction
  • 16 or 20 gage front panel thickness
  • 16 gauge mounting rails
  • Finishes: British White, Black, Custom

Competitive Models:

  • Nailor DWR1
  • Price DFR
  • Titus DVR1

Manufacturing Locations:

  • SFD (Sanford, NC)

Lead Times: Standard: 6 weeks

Segments Updated:

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  • Software: EDGE


For more information, please contact us today at (808) 841-7400.