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“Drew, thanks for your immediate support of CPS and RGF. And what a great way to kick off RGF in front of all your folks at one of your weekly meetings. Mike and I really appreciate the reception we’ve received from you and all your team.”

– John Wright (Wright Sales Company, CPMR)

“I am now back at the office in England, and I would like to say a big thank you for your generous hospitality during my stay in Hawaii, it has been a wonderful week of work and friendship. I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone at Admor, specially Ray, Greg, Jocelyn and Roland. Admor is a great company, their hospitality is second to none, their friendly and welcoming attitude is touching, it feels great to work with them.”

– Roberto Bernabo, KoolDuct Training Specialist (Kingspan Insulation Limited)



“Just want to thank all of you again for welcoming and taking care of me while I was here on the island. Your facilities are top notch and your business family is the best of any distributor I know. Hopefully all of the attendees will provide fruitful service and honor the names of Admor and NORDYNE. Keep up the good work; it’s hard work staying at the top!!!!”

– John Remley, Senior HVAC Technical Advisor (Nordyne/Maytag)

“That’s one of the best and great training experiences I ever had. The hands-on training provides valuable technical information that could be used and implemented to the existing Fujitsu air conditioning units at various City facilities. Additionally, the participants had the opportunity to do a lot of troubleshooting on the units and put them back to normal operating condition. The session also covers about the importance of trouble shooting and how to diagnose and adopted the appropriate solution to what ever the faults on the system calls for. It’s really hard for those who haven’t gone for the training but makes it so simple and easy for those guys who have been trained and with the skilled to do it right..surely to meet the clients needs with 100% satisfaction. THAT’S WHAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE AND THE GREATEST OF THEM ALL!!! More Power to ADMOR.. Management and staff…with special thanks to Engineer TIM and the Fujitsu guys..”

– Valentino, Engineer (Honolulu, HI)



Drew, as usual you go above and beyond in everything you do for us. Thanks for the example you set in your customer service, you inspire us to do more. God Bless!”

– Dave Flemming, Sturdevent Construction RME

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