MacroAir Commercial Celieng Fans

Keep your facility cooler with MacroAir HVLS fans

When it’s hot and humid in the Summer, you may experience a drop in productivity. Cooling your facility is necessary for employee comfort and safety. MacroAir big fans run in a forward direction, moving an immense amount of air all around your facility, from ceiling to floor. This additional airflow from our big HVLS ceiling fans makes your facility feel cooler, keeps your employees comfortable, keeps your customers comfortable, improves worker productivity, and keeps your customers coming back. Because of this massive airflow, we have seen significant energy savings vs relying solely on air conditioning.

Keep your facility warmer with MacroAir HVLS fans

For complete year-round performance, our fans can spin in the opposite direction during winter to push warm air towards the floor and better distributing the warm air trapped in your ceiling. This eases your heating usage and provides further cost savings.

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