Admor HVAC Products Hawaii

Admor HVAC Vendor Fairs are designed to immerse our Vendors in quality, face-to-face contact with our employees, HVAC/R Contractors, Tech’s, Military and Government Procurement Specialists and Mechanical Engineers. 

Our events are casual, fun, and always include great food, beverages, and the Aloha Spirit.  We strive to make sure that

personal contact is made to connect our customers with our vendors and their products.  Our goal is to assist Vendors

in forming long term relationships with Admor HVAC employees and our customers.  The fact that nearly 100% of our

Vendors that attend these events return year after year is a testament to the effectiveness of our events.  In fact,

Many of America’s largest and finest HVAC brands say that the Admor HVAC Vendor Fairs are the best events they

attend all year long. 

Admor HVAC Products is Hawaii’s HVAC Superstore with the largest selection of HVAC products under one roof in Hawaii.