PennBarry Edge

PennBarry Edge - HVAC Hawaii
PennBarry™ is pleased to announce that Variable Speed Drives (VFDs) can now be selected as an option in EDGE for belt driven fans. 
Available with Edge Release 2014.0.379
In addition, VFDs are available and orderable as a separate accessory in EDGE. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. With direct drive motors, when can I select a VFD? 
  • For EC (electronically commutated) motors, the variable speed drive is built into the motor so no external VFD is required.
  • VFD’s can be ordered as a separate accessory for standard direct drive motors.  Note that VFDs are not applicable to PSC (permanent split capacitor) motors and an SCR type controller is suggested.
 2. Which belt drive fans have VFDs available in EDGE for ordering as an option? 
  • Breezeway (BCH, BHH, BHM, BLL)
  • Centrex Inliner (SX)
  • Centrex Round (REX)
  • Domex (DX)
  • Dynafan (LC)
  • Dynamo (D)
  • Fumex (FX, WFX)
  • Hi-Ex (HC, HF, HS, HX, HZ)
  • Linea (LF)
  • Muffan (MU, FS)
  • Powered Airette (AC, AF)
  • Zephyr Cabinet (ZC, ZCC)
3. Where can I find more information on Pennbarry VFDs?
More information is available on VFD's here on the website. Click here to see an EDGE selection example. If you have further questions, please contact us at (808) 841-7400.