MacroAir HVLS Comparison Tool

There are a growing number of HVLS fan manufacturers, and it’s very hard to keep everyone’s product features straight. To help you compare MacroAir fans against competing products, we’ve created a comparison tool.

The HVLS Fan Comparison Tool:

Provides a side by side feature comparison
Includes Big Ass Fans, RiteHite, Kelley Serco, and MacroAir
Automatically indicates comparable fan models
Generates an attractive, printable/e-mailable PDF
Our tool allows you to compare fan features without digging through the competitors’ websites. The data in this tool is gathered from publicly available information like spec sheets. Please note: although the DOE has defined product testing and reporting methodology, some companies filed for compliance extensions meaning that their data is still self-reported.

MacroAir’s exclusive product benefits (complete direct-drive line, on-board electronics, longest warranty) come through strongly in the Fan Comparison Tool. However, some specification comparisons appear unfavorable to MacroAir, and it’s important to understand the explanation behind it. For example, our motor size may be smaller than the competition, making it necessary to explain our direct-drive technology and why horsepower doesn’t always contribute to higher CFM.

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