AirStage J-IIS Series

Newer, Smaller Fujitsu VRF System: AirStage J-IIS Series

Fujitsu General has added to its “J-Series” Airstage VRF line with the introduction of the smaller J-IIS series.  The J-IIS avails variable refrigerant flow technology for smaller residential, multi-housing and light commercial uses with equipment now available in 3- and 4-ton sizes.

The larger J-II VRF series – introduced earlier with 3-, 4- and 5-ton sizes – helped to bridge the gap between its Halcyon multi-zone systems, and larger VRF systems. The J-IIS further enhances the offering with its compact size.
The J-IIS’ compact size provides easy installation in smaller spaces, or when condensing units are stacked vertically.  Furthermore, the J-IIS provides significantly higher efficiency than equivalent single-fan single-phase VRF systems.
The J-Series line is designed for superior energy efficiency, provides great year-round comfort, and is easily installed. It is important to note that both of the J-II and J-IIS are used in the same applications and with the same types of indoor units, remotes and controls. 
The J-IIS will be available to ship March 1st 2017.
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