Fujitsu "The Beach", Behind the Scenes


With a major beverage company making us take my Coolest Man in the World commercial off the air, we had to come up with a sequel that would be even better than the first one.  I turned to Greg Davis at KHON Channel 2 in Honolulu and presented him with a storyboard and script that brings back the Coolest Man in a very humorous way.  The idea was to bring together some really good looking girls and guys and film the spot on the beach.  We began by casting the girls with the help of Larson Talent in Honolulu.  Three of the four girls were contracted through Larsen Talent.  We actually did a casting call at KHON where about nine girls modeled in their bikinis.  It was a tough day choosing the models for this spot but I endured and did it for my company.  The fourth girl (Monica) is a friend who I thought we be perfect for the part.  It took some time to get her to commit to being in the commercial, but in the end she did.  For the men, I turned to Rich Miano who introduced me to Royce Mori.  Rich also reached out to Leonard Peters who was in a previous Fujitsu commercial.  Leonard is extremely handsome and he has the body I wish I could have.  I knew that the ladies watching this commercial would love him.  Our final actor also came from Larson Talent.  His name is Tommy Hackett.  Tommy is a National and International model who just completed a major campaign for Hollister.  He is also on his way to sign with a major European brand which will kick start his modeling career into another level.  Tommy lives on Maui and flew to Honolulu to do the shoot.  On the day of the shoot we set up a tent at Ala Moana Beach Park.  This served as a make-up department, lounge and dining room.  Started the day with a little champagne along with breakfast.  We asked the girls what they wanted for lunch and they picked Pizza and Sushi.  My faithful assistant Greg Thomas delivered the Pizza and Sushi right after the shoot was completed.  Filming was a breeze with Greg Davis, John Veneri and crew taking control of each shot.  We had to stop filming several times due to jack hammering, helicopters, sirens and a guy who took three ten minute showers directly behind where we were filming.  The girls and guys were all fun and relaxed.  There was absolutely no attitude on this set.  What a delightful day!  View the video of the making of this commercial below.  My sincere thanks to the cast and crew who made this so much fun.  Stay tuned for the final commercial coming soon from KHON.