Fujitsu The Picnic

"The Picnic" spot was conceived by Drew Santos and brought to life by Eun Ho Lee of KITV Channel 4 in Honolulu.

The large Samoan man is Nick who attends the same church as Drew. For almost two years Drew has been thinking of how he could use Nick's presence in a Fujitsu television commercial. He thought of a "date" concept where the little boy (Riley Graves) comes over to ask Keli out on a date. To Riley's surprise there were two large Samoan men there to chaperone the kids on their date. Drew pitched the idea to Eun Ho and she got to work on a script that she titled "The Picnic". Drew went to work recruiting Nick and his cousin who is equally as big to do the spot. Drew's concept featured two large men so that they could "sandwich" the kids in a scene. Eun Ho wrote the script showing two men. Turns out that when it came to shoot the spot that only Nick showed up on the set. Eun Ho smiled and said she could make it work using only Nick. Turns out this was a blessing as Nick was perfect all by himself.

The picnic scene was filmed in the Waialae Iki area of Honolulu and features a panoramic view of the Kahala Hotel and Golf Course plus the ocean. Drew and Eun Ho had been on the hill the day before and the weather was overcast and windy. The next day the sun came out and the natural lighting was perfect. The crew had to deal with a little wind which accounted for a few extra takes when the wind gusts came up. Nick had never done television and he admittedly said "he has no patience for this" as they did take after take of the same scene. Eun Ho just kept smiling and saying "lets do it one more time Nick". Nick would give her a stare and then do it again. Nick nailed the part on the hill as did Keli and Riley. The talent and crew then moved up the hill to Drew's home where the door and indoor picnic scenes were filmed.

The knock on the door scene was filmed first. Eun Ho took time to make sure each scene was done right. She not only directed the actors but actually shot the spot and was the camera woman. Riley nailed his scenes pretty quickly and then Nick was brought out to do the door scene. When the two doors opened and Nick appeared by himself we all knew that having just Nick was perfect for the spot. Nick's presence at the door had everyone saying "wow". Keli also knocked out her lines and took very few takes to complete her scenes. Felt sorry for Nick as he did the scene where he is eating ice cream. Turns out he had a toothache and could not bite down on the bar. Eun Ho with a smile said "ok Nick, just lick on it". Nick pulled off the scene perfectly. Eun Ho wanted Nick to smile in the last scene where he hugs Riley. This took a few extra takes as Nick was trying to be tough yet gentle. Eun Ho got the shot and the spot was a wrap. All done on a low budget with local talent and a one woman production team called Eun Ho.

Eun Ho had the script down on a storyboard and followed it in a professional manner while always cool, calm and collected. Drew was amazed that Eun Ho wrote, directed, edited and actually filmed the spot by herself. She even was responsible for hair, make-up and props. She had everything together including the wilted rose, the good rose, melted ice cream, melted chocolate bar and good ice cream. During the entire shoot she had a water bottle by her side so she could spray Riley to make him look like he was sweating. She gave Riley dozens of shots of water throughout the shoot. She would spray water and then go back to the camera and yell "action". Quite a woman. There were two KITV employees on the set with her to handle lighting and sound. Other than that this was all Eun Ho Lee. The spot was filmed in less than a day and Eun Ho was able to edit, add sound and music in less than 48 hours. The resulting commercial is already getting rave reviews with some people saying it is the best Fujitsu commercial ever!

Our sincere thanks to Eun Ho and the entire crew at KITV.