Zonex VVT & Zoning Solutions


The Zonex GEN II system has a new look, new stats and enhanced VVT performance. GEN X featured remote internet access and an app based control system.

Here are the most popular Zonex products:

  • GEN II – VVT – simple low cost commercial zoning.
  • GEN X – Remote access and control of VVT systems or stand-alone units over the Internet from AnyWhere. The system is now BacNet compliant, equipped with FDD and ADR capability and allows you to compete on most any commercial zoning or controls job at the most competitive price point in the industry.
  • SAMOD – hugely successful product to eliminate hot and cold spots in any commercial job.
  • VRF-VAV – providing the benefits of VAV with the efficiency of VRF technology. Available Now!

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