Krueger EGC545


Now available for order is the EGC545 deterred sight (45° deflected core) egg crate return grille. When installed with the deflection angled towards the area least likely to be occupied, like the closest adjacent wall or the ceiling, this product offers a limited sightline through to the plenum space. Features include a free area greater than or equal to that of other competitive 45° deflected return grilles, which results in comparable or superior sound performance.

EGC545 Product Features:

  • Deterred sightline when installed appropriately
  • Reduced noise compared to other competing 45° deflected returns
  • Cost effective aluminum construction
  • Equal to existing industry specification
  • Sizes: 10×10, 10×22, 22×22, and 22×46
  • Frame Style: F22, Surface Mount, but sized to fit lay-in ceiling applications as well
  • Optional Accessory: Damper (OBD, POBD, 5OBD),
  • Optional Accessory: Plaster frame (58PF),
  • Optional Accessory: 1″ or 2″ filter frame
  • Optional Accessory: Debris or insect screen
  • Finishes: Mill, Alumican, Black, and British White
  • Weight: < 5lb for 22×22

Competitive Models:

  • Nailor – 51EC45
  • Price – 85
  • Titus – 45F

Manufacturing Locations:

  • EP2
  • JRZ

Lead Times:

  • Standard 3 weeks
  • Quickship 10-Day
  • Quickship 5-Day (250 unit max)


For more information, please contact us today at (808) 841-7400.